one year later

I found this poem I wrote when I was in junior high and it is as relevant today as it was when I wrote it nearly thirty years ago. What I didn’t know then, is that many of the storms were my own creation to protect myself from other events that were out of my control. Lesson learned. Eventually.

This Tree & I

Amid the forest and the crowd
There stands a tree alone and proud
It is unique, truly an individual
Sometimes weak
Sometimes invincible
It learns to bend so the burdens don’t break it
And to hold steadfast when stormy times try to shake it
It takes what life has to give, through the changing seasons
And gives much more in return for whatever reason
We have a lot in common, this tree and I
We struggle each day and somehow get by
Perhaps it’s the will to keep on trying
To fight the elements
Not give up and begin dying
We put down roots and begin to grow
Occasionally we hurt
Sometimes the scars even show
We protect ourselves with an outer shield
Keeping us safe till our wounds are healed
Our spirit may falter but it will not die
We have a lot in common
This tree and I


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